Healing & Awakening

It became a part of my life when Astrology & Shamanism were introduced to me

in the mid 1990's.  

The entire course of my life changed.

It has continued ever since, as it brings me

ever more deeply into my own healing.

Through the eternal Journey of my Soul.


As a teacher, I share!

I share what I know, what I have learned

and what I have experienced.  

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Healer, Teacher, Astrologer & Guide

My Mission

To assist others into their own 

'Healing & Awakening'.

As We Heal, Our Ancestors Heal.

2017 Group Work 

at Stonehenge

A Soul Tribe

People are awakening across the world,

in powerful & real ways.


It is The Destiny of Humanity. 

Anatomy Of Healing 2015 

4 Day Intensive


To have the opportunity to do this work,

is a privilege beyond words.


Deep Tissue Activation

Fascia Tension Release

Cranio Sacral Balance

Deep Breath Awareness

The mind, spirit & body working as One in Healing!

A Professional Healer

since 1996

Life Credentials

Licensed Massage Therapist Florida 1996.

Instructor or Massage Therapy & Energy Healing 1999.

  Shamanic Medicinas of Amazonia & Mexico. 

Human Guide for souls passing between this life and afterlife. 

Kundalini Yoga Instructor, as taught by Yogi Bahjan.

BS Graduate of the Barbara Brenna School of Healing.

Involved in the studies at the Shamanic Foundation.

An Astrologer & Spiritual Life Guide/Coach.

Experiencer in OOBE & astral travels.

A sincere believer in awakening to

the Soul's Healing Journey here on earth.

Humanity is currently

in its 5th Sun Cycle.