'Awakening into Awareness'

The Program

Sometimes we are lucky to hear the call of our Soul. 

When the timing is right, it rings like a bell in our entire being. 

This is the kind of moment that 'now'  is for me, and for many others,

who are on the sacred path of their awakening. 

There is sense of excellaration in the air,  in the atmosphere.  

Our human bodies are feeling the pressure of the Cosmic Solar Winds, to heal deeply within. 

The ancestor's prayer lives in the heart beating in our chest, like the drum, or hum of the sacred Universal 'Om'.  

Here is a practical approach to your spiritual journey. 

Over the course of these six months, you will be taken through a journey of personal alchemy.  To discover and unlock the majic of your soul, to form sacred community and to empower your path.   You will journey into the lower self, and gain deep understanding for the wound, where compassion blossoms.  You will journey to the higher self, to embrace your divine gift, where light manifests.  You will meet your authentic self, where the creativity and imaginitive insights of your spirit, will be told. 

Moments during this journey, will make you feel like shouting off the top of your summit,  other moments will have you questioning the course of your life. You will feel young, old , tired and fertile.  The courage in your heart, will be the light of your truth.  To see past the blocks, shadow and karma.   You will embrace supportively, careingly and dearly, this journey. 

A 6 Month Program Into Your Soul Path Awakening Process.


March 2020: We Can't Walk Into The New World, With Our Old Shoes On.

 How we can adjust to our new realities.

April 2020: Why the Mask, When The Glow Wants To Shine Through?

Inner child beauty, glow and gift.

May 2020: Being Psychic & Empathic In A Cosmic Download World.

When awakening happens and vision arrives.

June 2020: Those Clever Blocks & Your Attachments To Them.

Fear from past, doubts and failures, family and relations.

July 2020: Creative Leverage Through The Blocks & Your Freedom.

Trusting the blocks as your divine stepping stones.

August 2020: Death & Dying, Ancestors & Soul Life-Cycles.

Accepting karma, the truth and recognizing your soul's path.

Each month will have a unique focus intended on stirring and awakening a deep emotional and personal process deeply within you.


Once a month in a Live video classroom tutorial with monthly focus.

*Audio recording available to you if you miss the scheduled class. 

(First Wednesday of the month.  7-8:30pm est)

Monthly focus home assignment to integrate, reflect & journal about.

*Audio or video lectures, questions with points of reflection.

Access Pass to the monthly 5D Meditation-Activation & Live Q&A.

*Audio recording available to you if you miss the scheduled event

Monthly focus pranayama (breathing) daily practice. 

(Discovering your spiritual sadhna.​)

*In video format.

Private 'Facebook' group access. Staying connected.

*Social media shared platformed between students.

Student-to-student assignments.  Building trust.

(Support and discovering together.)

Weekly individual phone check-ins with Magali for journal entry review & support.

(Time for deep personal processing 1-on-1.)

Creative project assignment, discovering new expression.

(Creative writing, poetry, or craft, etc.)

The Program duration is  from March 1st - August 31st 2020

Your investment for this six month journey in   'Awakening into Awareness' 

is based on a sliding scale of  $1,999.97 - $4,789.97.  Depending on your income,  

your ability to pay, and your value in your investment, and the teachings and healing being offered.

For each full sliding scale Donation of $4,789.97 a gifted registration will be offered in a

Scholarship Pool for one enrollment, this act will help someone who needs the work but cannot afford to attend.   It is generating a gift to balance the personal and collective dharma,

and to collaborate in creating a 'win-win' field of generosity.  

We Co-Create Our Reality. 

Thank you for participation in this Journey.

Payment can be paid in full, or with a 50% deposit through

Venmo www.venmo.com/Maja-Astrology-Shamanism

This secures your spot in the program. 

*There is limited space.

If you are interested in registering to The Program,

please complete and submit the form below to request a phone consultation with Magali.

I look forward to connecting with you and answering any of your questions you may have 

about this program, and what you can be expecting in this six month journey!

Tel: 305.619.1532

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