The Program 'Awakening into Awareness'

Here is a practical approach to your spiritual journey. 

Over the course of these six months, you will be taken through a journey of personal alchemy.  To discover and unlock the majic of your soul, to form sacred community and to empower your path.   You will journey into the lower self, and gain deep understanding for the wound, where compassion blossoms.  You will journey to the higher self, to embrace your divine gift, where light manifests.  You will meet your authentic self, where the creativity and imagenitive insights of your spirit, will be told. 

A 6 Month Program Into Your Soul Path Awakening Process.

March 2020: We Can't Walk Into The New World, With Our Old Shoes On.

 How we can adjust to our new realities.

April 2020: Why the Mask, When The Glow Wants To Shine Through?

Inner child beauty, glow and gift.

May 2020: Being Psychic & Empathic In A Cosmic Download World.

When awakening happens and vision arrives.

June 2020: Those Clever Blocks & Your Attachments To Them.

Fear from past, doubts and failures, family and relations.

July 2020: Creative Leverage Through The Blocks & Your Freedom.

Trusting the blocks as your divine stepping stones.

August 2020: Death & Dying, Ancestors & Soul Life-Cycles.

Accepting karma, the truth and recognizing your soul's path.

Each month gives a unique focus and awakening!

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Complete Package:  $395

All audio/videos files , two 1-on-1 sessions, 

5D meditation, two live zoom groups.


Files & Group Package:  $175

All Video/Audio Files & Zoom Groups:

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 Month One : Cant Walk Into New World With Old Shoes.

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 Month Two : Why The Mask When The Glow Wants to Shine?

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 Month Three : Being Psychic Empathic In Cosmic Download World.

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